Emily & Jason

Hoping to Adopt (Oklahoma)


Our fur family is everything we'd hope for our future kids. Ike (the fun one) and Harvey (the sweet protector) turn Cullen's evenings into pure bliss while he plays fetch with Ike and runs around chasing Harvey while we cook dinner.
We love travelling and visiting places we've never been. We rotate between hot and cold regions. Warmer climates we spend relaxing on the beach, zip-lining, enjoying family moments and snorkeling like this photo!
We love celebrating every holiday. Among our favorites is Halloween and we were so happy to be able to celebrate this past Halloween in limited capacity outside with loved ones.
We love to goof off and just be us. Emily's got a creative side to her that inspires video, photography, art and more.
We love to visit Yaya and Papa's ranch. We love to go on hike's, fish, frog hunt and feed the livestock out on the range.
Another favorite of ours is visiting the Lake Hideaway. From water skiing, tubing and fishing to pool and family game nights, the Lake house provides the perfect relaxation getaway.
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